Treated By: Dr. Nazier Natha (Dental Surgeon, KDC)

Treatment Received: • Emergency Dentist Consultation "Actor in distress!!! Dr. Nazier Natha made my broken tooth look like new again. I was looking for a technician, but found an artist. Burt Gummer can now go back to hunting monsters in Tremors 6. Thanks Doc. Facebook: ActorMichaelGross"

Treated By: Dr. Aneesa Mohamed (Dental Surgeon, KDC)

"Clinical professionalism and treatment"
Treatment Received: • Dentist Consultation "I would like to thank your team (specifically Dr Aneesa Mohamed and her assistant) for their clinical professionalism and treatment of my dental needs. I never experienced such great patient care and engagement from any dentist before."

Treated By: Dr. Shahnaz Khan (Dental Surgeon and Practice Owner, KDC)

"My boys love the dentist"
Treatment Received: • Family Dentist Consultation I've been taking my boys to this dental practice since they've had teeth. Daniel is 14 and Jordan 10 and they LOVE going to the dentist!"

Treated By: Zainab Jacobs (Oral Hygienist, KDC)

"Amazing experience!!!"
Treatment Received: • Teeth Cleaning / • Fillings
The other day I visited Kromboom Dental Centre and I must say what an amazing experience!!! Incredibly friendly staff, fantastic hygienist and dentist that were both very pleasant, funny, and super professional. This place is also very baby friendly and even the bill at the end made me sooooo happy. Thank you KDC you will definitely see me again

Treated By: Dr. Wardah Palmer (Dental Surgeon, KDC)

Treatment Received: • Paediatric Dentist Consultation "Not one negative comment do I have regarding my experience at the practice:-) The staff , Dr Palmer and assistant all amazing :-) :-) you guys made my boy feel so comfortable, not many dental practices have this gift to work with a special needs child, I would recommend all the parents of Vera school to take your kids to this dental practice, specifically asking for an app with Dr Palmer! absolutely brilliant:-) :-)"

Treated By: Dr. Farahnaz Parker (Dental Surgeon, KDC)

Treatment received: Veneers
"Thank you Dr Parker and Kromboom. Absolutely Brilliant service getting veneers done. And the result looks amazing"

Treated By: Lameez Patel (Oral Hygienist, KDC)

Treatment Received: Hygienist Session
"Had the most awesome, painless and overall best dental experience at KDC. Service and skills of your dentists and oral hygienists unmatched. Thank you KDC"

Treated By: Dr. Samantha Jones (Dental Surgeon, KDC)

Treatment Received: • Dentist Consultation "I am SO impressed with the quality of service provided by your centre yesterday. Staff were VERY helpful as well as patient with my 5 year old daughter. After being reluctant to go for an extraction, she was asking when her next visit will be! Well Done!!"

Treated By: Dr. Ashraf Allie (Dental Surgeon, KDC)

Treatment Received: • Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
"Knowing that I was always scared of a dentist, but you guys changed my perspective about it thanks not for only doing a great job but making me feel at home"

Treated By: Atheemah Albertus (Oral Hygienist, KDC)

Treatment Received: • Dentist Consultation
"Thanks once again for the professional service and always look forward to my next visit .#thebest in the country ...."??" Thank for my brilliant white smile."

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