Oral Hygienists

Oral Hygienists

Regular examinations are essential, even if you brush and floss regularly. Our motto is prevention is better than cure. We recommend an examination every 3-6 months to ensure problems are caught and treated early, which can avoid the need for more drastic and costly solutions.

There's nothing like having your teeth cleaned by an experienced oral hygienist. At KDC, we promise to provide professional, knowledgeable care. Our hygienists are an integral part of the clinical team. To maintain our level of expertise, our hygienists are well-trained and skilled. Please feel free to discuss your dental questions or concerns with any of the hygienists.

KDC has four hygienists who will professionally clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar, which cannot be removed by brushing or flossing alone. The hygienists will also advise on correct dental hygiene regimes for patients to practice at home in order to maintain a healthy smile.

Lameez Patel DipOH (UWC)

Lameez has been with Kromboom Dental since day one. She has developed a strong and lasting relationship with so many of our patients. Her professionalism and passion for patient care exemplify what Kromboom Dental is all about. She attended the University of the Western Cape and received her Diploma in Oral Hygiene in 1999.

Lameez also completed a mini dentist course which broadened her scope of work. She takes tremendous pride in helping patients transition from a state of poor oral health to a state of good to excellent oral health. It’s always her goal to make anxious patients feel comfortable and at ease.
She has the ability to make everyone with whom she comes in contact feel like a long lost friend, even when they are meeting her for the very first time. Patients adore her cheerful personality! We don’t know how she does it, but she is happy all the time, which makes everyone around her happy, which is why we (and our patients) love her so much. 
Lameez imparts a professionalism to her responsibilities that leaves patients impressed and satisfied with their treatment. She not only teaches our patients proper brushing and flossing techniques, but counsels them on nutrition and preventive measures to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Kids love Lameez and always look forward to their 6 monthly checkups with her. Our #PreventionIsBetterAndCheaperThanCureCampaign is very close to her heart as she wants all our patients to be dentally fit for life.

Ruquayah Cassiem BOH (UWC)

Ruquayah was born and raised in Cape Town. She graduated from the University of the Western Cape with a Bachelors in Oral Hygiene in 2018 where she was actually a classmate of one of our other hygienists.

In 2019, she began her career with us and is already making a positive impact with our patients by improving their oral health while maintaining a comfortable environment.

She finds it a pleasure to be part of this great team and work together to achieve each patient’s individual needs at their comfort and finds it very rewarding having patients come back to our practice because of our excellent and unique service provided. Ruquayah is very passionate about helping patients understand the importance of their oral health. The best part of her job is bonding with her patients and helping them feel comfortable during their visits.

She also likes to motivate her patients to improve and maintain their oral health. She loves what she does and is excited about growing with the team and patients at Kromboom Dental Centre and is an advocate of our #PreventionIsBetterAndCheaperThanCureCampaign. You may see her at Wellness Days spreading the word about oral health and prevention. 

Wyona Erasmus BOH (UWC)

Wyona is a 2018 graduate of the University of the Western Cape Oral Hygiene Programme. During her studies, she obtained the Deans Award for the Most Outstanding Professional Conduct in the Clinical Environment as well as an award for Excellence in Organizational Skills as the class representative.

Volunteering for community outreaches gives her tremendous satisfaction because she is passionate about prevention. Her aim is  to provide high quality of care, patient education and improve the oral health conditions of her patients and is working hard to make good oral hygiene habits fun for all our patients. She believes that oral health goes hand in hand with general health. Wyona loves working with children, families and adults alike and her sparkling personality makes every visit with her a fun experience. She is very compassionate and her light touch make her patients fall asleep in chair almost every time.

Wyona is spearheading our #PreventionIsBetterAndCheaperThanCureCampaign and Wellness Programme. Her mission is to educate and spread the word about prevention and hopes to save smiles.

Atheemah Albertus DipOH (UWC)

Atheemah received her Oral Hygiene training at University of the Western Cape and graduated in 2010. She  then went on to work at dental practices in the Southern Suburbs and CBD  and joined the Kromboom Dental team in 2014.

Atheemah works full-time at Kromboom Dental Centre and works closely with the Dental Team, carrying out individual programmes of prevention of periodontal disease (gum disease), caries (tooth decay) and orthodontic maintenance. She also assists with orthodontic procedures. 

She enjoys her profession as a hygienist, educating her patients on how to take care of their teeth as well as the chance to get to know patients and their families on a more personal level. She especially enjoys the chance to see kids and help ensure they have a good dental experience so that they enjoy coming to the dentist and take pride in taking care of their smiles.

In 2018, in addition to her Oral Hygiene duties , Atheemah took on the role of Office Manager.  She has grown with the practice. She started as an oral hygienist but proved to be an invaluable help to all in the office. Her experience as an Oral Hygienist makes her a great resource when explaining the necessary procedures and managing dental staff. Through all these experiences, Atheemah grew in her expertise and became our office manager. 

Atheemah knows the “ins and outs” of the dental office and helps to keep systems in place so that the high standards are upheld at KDC and the day runs smoothly and on time. She wears many hats to ensure the upkeep of our busy dental practice. 

She manages personnel by hiring, training, scheduling and ensures the practice is well-stocked with essential inventory. Her other important duties include evaluating staff performance, answering to patient complaints, checking cleanliness, and more. She enjoys working with her long-term team members who feel like family. 

“As Office Manager, all my training and experience come into play! Working with such an amazing and dedicated team makes my job easy. Working closely with the dentists, oral hygienists, specialists, nurses, admin and practice management team helps me understand what it takes to be an even better dental practice!”

Zainab Jacobs DipOH (UWC)

Zainab qualified as an Oral hygienist from the University of the Western Cape in 2009 where she received the Deans Award for her first and second year Oral Hygiene.

She also received the Radiology Award in her final year of studies as well as the Colgate Award for Community Oral Health Promotion and the OHASA Academic Excellence Award. She is now a full time member of the Kromboom Dental Team. Zainab loves helping nervous patients overcome their anxiety and loves working with children. She has a special warmth and compassion that makes her patients feel so comfortable and at ease.

She is passionate about Oral Health and her main focus is on prevention and motivates her patients to have the best smile they can. In addition to providing dental hygiene care at the office, she also heads the Kromboom Dental Centre dental education program in the Primary and Pre Primary Schools in the Southern Suburbs. As part of our commitment to promoting Oral Health, KDC visits schools in the southern suburbs on a weekly basis. Zainab visits classrooms to explain the importance of proper oral hygiene and diet and to provide instruction on how to take care of the teeth and gums.

Leizyl Davidson BOH  (UWC)

Leizyl completed her bachelor's in Oral Hygiene at University of the Western Cape in 2012 and did her community service on the Phelopepa Health train. After graduating, she worked at a dental practice in the Southern Suburbs and joined the Kromboom Dental team in 2014.

She loves to interact with new patients every day, especially with children. She enjoys providing comprehensive care for her patients including: cleanings, x-rays, sealants, & fluoride treatment. According to Leizyl, patient education is a high priority. Leizyl works part time at Kromboom Dental Centre while studying Pharmacy at the University of the Western Cape.

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