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Welcome to Kromboom Dental Centre

We offer all aspects of general dentistry to maintain and promote good oral health including cleanings, white fillings, extractions, wisdom tooth removal, mouthguards, dentures, laser tooth whitening, crown and bridgework, dental implants and orthodontics (fixed metal, ceramic and lingual braces, removable and invisible braces).

We use some of the best quality materials and latest technology e.g. laser tooth whitening, intraoral camera’s, digital x-rays and DVD-goggles (which allows you to watch DVD’s while having dental treatment).

With six associate dentists (each with their own area of expertise), six oral hygienists and six consulting rooms, we can offer you extended hours for your convenience. 8am-8pm Mondays to Fridays and 8am-1pm on Saturdays. We also have an after hours emergency service.

We understand that patients who are busy and work full time sometimes need an emergency dentist outside of normal working hours. To help this, we open early so you can catch us before your working day begins. We are also open through lunch and close at 8pm in the evenings. Our comfortable practice offers a walk in service.

Dentistry has so much to offer now, and has changed tremendously through the years. Those that fear dentistry often have avoided it for years and have not experienced the difference that we can offer now. We believe that through education and prevention, we can assist patients in achieving optimum dental health. We take pride in being a child-friendly practice. For anxious patients we offer treatment under hypnosis, sedation and general anaesthetic.

Payment Policy

Kromboom Dental Centre charge medical aid rates. We are however contracted out of Medical Aid which means we DO NOT deal directly with Medical Aids. Patients will need to settle their accounts first and claim back from their Medical Aid Provider. We will furnish you with all the necessary documentation to claim back from your medical aid.

We have various payment options including Debit cards, Credit cards, Snapscan, Edcon (Edgars group) card, RCS cards and Dental Finance.


Sugar Free treats has ZERO GLYCEMIC CARBS, which makes it ideal for Vegans, Diabetics or those following the LCHF / Banting lifestyle. Isomalt and Maltitol are also tooth-friendly, which is why we as Dentists are recommending them to our patients. Click here for more info.